Sunday, 29 March 2015



The other night in my hourly sojourn onto Twitter, i was once again assailed on the McCann hash tag by a supporter of the parents named Jasmine.
Now to give you a tiny bit of background, when i first ventured onto Twitter, she (one assumes ) , for like most trolls it does not use it's proper name, tweeted a reply. Fair dinkum, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is always entertaining to watch people fumbling about in the dark with blinkers on trying to defend a hopeless position,. I always liken it to an amateur player in Chess, five pieces down and instead of admitting certain defeat they stumble on in blind hope that checkmate is not just round the corner.Entertaining but useless.

So it was with this Jasmine entity, a notorious troll on behalf of the couple who jumps into your Twitter page with a reply and then when you have the temerity to reply pointing out the errors made, gets quite abusive and tells you she wants nothing to do with you and that you are blocked.

Fair enough.

Then tweets replies to you again and again, not general tweets but actually to you. Sooo you remind them they tweeted and engaged you in conversation first and ask why are you doing so only to be greeted with total denial of ever having done so ! WTF ?.
Then you realise that the McCann supporters like the McCann's are exactly the same. If someone points out where the huge gaping holes are, then they deny that the hole was ever there and neatly step into the yawning chasm of idiotic contradiction. The other game they like to try and play is defend the indefensible.

So we have had the starter, now for the main course.

I tweeted the other night the disgraceful fraud that goes on with the FIND MADDIE FUND.

Quite simply, the fund has been used to do almost everything the McCann's need to pay for including paying the mortgage,whistle blowing ( for good quality bogus leads ), solicitors, internet services and many more besides finding Maddie.
I once asked the McCann's for a monetary breakdown as to how the money had been spent, it was not forthcoming.
So my question quite reasonably is how can money donated  to finding a little girl be used to pay someone's mortgage, among other things, without being fraud.

The money was not used for the purpose intended and for the reason the public donated it !

If ,when i do my next charity run for Cancer Research, keep the money and get my car fixed and say i need it to attend future runs on their behalf, that's obviously OK then.

Would people have donated money to pay the McCann's mortgage or for libel experts ?  One thinks and sincerely hopes not. Fraud then.

If two years down the line i then change the mission statement to a wide ranging scope of monetary use after much criticism for the fraudulent use of the fund. Did i not commit fraud with the vast bulk of those donations ?

Now Jasmine bless her stated that it was OK to use the fund to pay the mortgage as dear old Kate paid it back
Wow ! That's alright then.

Dear old Kate she said paid it back out of money raised from the fictional book she wrote.

Both accounts controlled by Team McCann !!!!????

Nothing wrong then Met Police ? No ? Nothing ?

So there you have it, fraud is legal according to the McCann's, Jasmine and it would seem the Metropolitain Police...


Saturday, 28 March 2015



How can one really sum up what has happened to an utterly bogus abduction investigation into a totally bogus abduction story ? I suppose it is a bit like searching for Atlantis in Narnia really.
A media frenziedly reporting on an event that never happened in a desperate bid to convince the public that the Loch Ness monster was seen in a bar in Morocco.

Quite which part were we supposed to believe ? Have a think about it in these terms and all really does become quite clear.
The police, the government and the media would like you to believe that the McCann's checked diligently on their children... hmmm not according to those that were there. That contaminating any crime scene or searching for Maddie was less important that writing a hastily scribbled timeline on a sticker book whilst having a few friends round, presumably in a circle and singing Kumbaya.
Guaranteeing that everyone was singing from the same sheet was vividly more important, obviously, than searching high and low yet they have the cheek to scream about lack of early roadblocks !T

Then we are asked to suspend belief that Jane Tanner's evidence, that they swore as gospel,  is actually bogus and not worth the paper it was written on. Neatly sidestepping the fact that the Met Police could not find anyone within the time frame to pin it on, so needed to once again, move the goalposts.
We are expected to believe that the McCann's are wronged parents who suffered the ultimate tragedy when in reality the ultimate tragedy was the fact that Maddie had that awful couple for parents.
Imagine the scenario of the sainted couple being in charge of your children that night ? Are you seriously going to tell me that if they left your children totally unsupervised in a strange environment whilst buggering off to a bar to quaff copious amounts of vino, you would not want them charged for blatantly and WILLFULLY endangering your children ?
Ok so you are a little bit fluffy and still have some sympathy for the grief stricken ?, lemons. So, on top of that, you are now informed that two highly trained British police dogs, whom police rely upon so much that they have never once questioned their abilities, highlight utterly damning evidence that your child died in that apartment and the body has been removed. It is also proven beyond question that no one else's fingerprints are in the apartment. How's that warm fuzzy feeling for Kate & Gerry ?.
Kate then does not say that the dogs are wrong till much later, preferring instead ( bet she wished she hadn't ! ) to tell you that she stinks of rotting corpses because she examined dead bodies in her holiday clothes whilst carrying your child's toy. Still warm and fuzzy ?.
Ok then, how about if they tell you that they were only a few yards away and you find out, no they bloody well weren't !. No ? I can see you still need convincing !
How about if they tell you it was like being in our own back garden ?
 Will you be asking the question " Just how many fucking tourists come traipsing through your back garden in an evening then." ?

I can see you apprehensively rubbing your McCann worry beads, only £3.99 in the gullible shop, as light dawns on marble head. Despite heroic attempts to pin it on everyone from dead pedophiles to dead tractor driving black junkies it turns out the only people to still in the frame are the ones you charged with her care in the first place.
So the media, the police and the government all tell you the parents had nothing to do with it, believing that utter nonsense are you ?
Then you probably think the police are going to be asking them questions right soon eh ?

 WAKEY WAKEY !  You were off in dreamland there for a minute. Do you really think that the police having sunk £10 million into a total waste of time, are going to hold their hands up and say " Geez guys sorry about that, looks like the buggers were responsible all along! "

If you did or do then you are i am sure, well meaning, but i need to ask you the same question. Are you in on it like the police ? Or just too dumb to see the red Herring they are slapping you across the face with ?.

The investigation into any parental involvement was and is just like Maddie, i believe.....

Dead in the water.

Sunday, 22 March 2015



Once again the prattling whine of Lance Armstrong can be heard in another world " exclusive ", which is no more than a thinly veiled PR exercise to gain support for the absolutely absurd idea of allowing him to compete in competitive cycling again.

What on earth are you doing Lance ? What the hell are you thinking ? You were caught, you cannot pretend that you are not caught cheating." But lots of people have", insists the nasal twang, which is very true, none more so than in Spain where hundreds of cheats in all types of sports breathed a collective sigh of relief when the judge ordered bags ( literally ) to be destroyed. Quite a few very eminent Spaniards wriggled off the hook. However Armstrong, once the biggest of fishes, did not.

Now many have been caught cheating and in this Lance is quite right. What Lance seems unable to truly comprehend is the scale of, not only the cheating, but the lives he destroyed in the process of doing so and then covering it up.
On many many occasions huge pressure was brought to bear on riders to cheat by Armstrong under immense peer pressure, we can argue they should have been stronger in mind, than to be bullied into taking drugs. On that one, how much glamour is attached to the life of a drug supplier the gangster and how much maligned is the taker, the waste of space.Every time i turn on the splendid film Layer Cake i watch friends rejoice in the roles of Michael Gambon and Daniel Craig, who have the money and the girls and yet we laugh at the three junkies on the sofa, as being weak.One reason why many, i suspect did not come forward.

But far worse than that, not only did Armstrong consign decent riders who rode clean, to the dustbin of history,( can you name the guy who finished in 20th place in this year's Tour De France ? No.. nor can i !) , but finished those unwilling to cheat or expose him.

So imagine the deflated  look on the poor bastard in most of the races in 1990's who knew he was the only one riding clean and that most of those above him cheated ?
I once had a discussion with a top sportsman on this issue and his response was that Armstrong was being made a scapegoat, to my eternal shame he was a fellow Australian. It seems to be the accepted norm that it is OK to do it if you can get away with it.
I am sorry that is a ridiculous and pathetic statement and totally devalues those honest sportsmen and women who diligently and fairly compete in the sport they love.

When not able to bully or browbeat into silence anyone not on his page, he would  make absolutely certain that person was gagged or completely ostracised within his sport, rather like the McCann's do now with anyone questioning them in life.

So no Lance you cannot ride again !

Your punishment is FAR LESS than you truly deserve !

Friday, 20 March 2015



Mike Brearley once called Ian Bothan the " sidestep queen " in an effort to make him bowl better against my fellow countrymen. It worked.It seems though that the real " sidestep queen " revealed herself in all her glory today at the Brenda Leyland inquest.

In a staggering display of fence sitting, the Coroner Catherine Mason did exactly what the McCann's, Clarence Mitchell, Rupert Murdoch,Martin Brunt and a whole host of internet trolls working on behalf of the McCann's wanted , namely not apportioning any blame for Brenda Leyland's death to anyone, directly or indirectly responsible for it.
What is even more galling was the utter nonsense spouted at the inquest which was used as nothing but a forum not for absolution, but for claims that are just downright lies !

But lets begin with what the Coroner Catherine Mason did and did not say shall we ? Firstly Mason stated  she did not think that anyone could have known that Leyland would take her own life.

WHAT ?? !!

So when Martin Brunt told the inquest that Brenda Leyland had told him she was thinking of ending it all ?? No ? Nothing ? No alarm bells went off ?.

So did Brunt suffer from selective memory ? Did he not know that Brenda Leyland had a standing in the community she cherished and that his report might have a devastating effect on fragile woman ?

Did he not really speak to anyone who knew her beforehand when this would have been revealed ?. Did Mason really believe what she was saying ? What she was really NOT saying was that Brunt was the catalyst for Brenda Leyland's death.
What she was NOT saying was that Brunt's urge to go after this defenceless woman far outstripped his concern for her well-being. On at least five occasions the Murdoch/Mitchell/McCann alliance has gone after people tweeting against the McCann's exposing them in the media and making their lives a living hell when they have not courted the interest of the juggernaut that eventually crushed Brenda Leyland.

Crucially not ONE of the vile internet trolls SUPPORTING the McCann's has EVER  been exposed or hounded in such a way.

Hardly fair or unbiased reporting so that shows that the Murdoch press is totally FOR the parents and revels in reporting Clarence Mitchell's ( A good friend of Murdoch') every sound byte on behalf of the teetotal saints.

How Jonathan Levy is that proportionate or fair ?

Sky News then uttered the mealy-mouthed statement using the time honoured phrases used when they overstep the mark, such as tragic, unforeseen and sincere.

They then told a partial truth stating they acted within editorial guidelines,they certainly did exactly what they were told. It was not responsible journalism in any way, they did not even have the good grace to apologise.
It certainly was not in the public interest, it was in the McCann's interest, because in a survey of over 6;000 people, 78% BELIEVE THEM TO BE GUILTY.

The public interest then is to see them behind bars, so on this issue and one other, i state quite clearly that you are an outright liar  Jonathan! The other issue Jonathan i will come to a minute.

So at the end of the day Mason absolved anyone of blame by not addressing the issue that all Coroners are put into place for in the first place, there is more than one way to state the cause of death. Suicide, OK fair enough.
Caused by by a chain of events that went... Internet McCann watchdogs sent a dossier to the police, the McCann's,Mitchell, Sky and anyone else who might listen. So instead of letting the police deal with it, no cause for further action from them, the McCann's and their chums go into full swing and that ultimately results in Brenda Leyland's death, the police did not cause it !

So finally Jonathan Levy if the McCann's have no " significant presence " on social media, how did the dossier get to the police and the press and have Gerry and Clarence, in the press, saying something must be done !


Wednesday, 18 March 2015



I was warned that going on to the #McCann on Twitter would open my eyes to a world of  vile and shocking trolling. I was however, not expecting it to come from the supporters of the McCann's called " Pro's " but rather from those labelled "  Anti ".

To be fair, it is not all one way traffic but one carriageway is far busier than the other. Some of it can be pretty unpleasant and even when not conversing with them they make it their business to come after you.
One would think that you would avoid, unless directly " tweeted " to, contact with those of what you would consider, a different opinion. Not a bit of it ! The speed and violence of the keyboard warriors employed by Team McCann, yes i did say employed, is quite disturbing and not a little alarming.

So it was with Brenda Leyland, who found herself frustrated as many have, that justice for Maddie has been warped into a money making gift that keeps on giving for reprehensible parents with not a shred of humanity, who took to Twitter to vent her frustration, not always in the wisest way and found herself, isolated and targeted by a machine determined to crush her to silence and contrition.

That some of her anger and frustration leaked onto social media is without question but was it really so bad that with vigorous glee the pack of wolves descended on her.
For without any question whatsoever meetings would have happened, strategy discussed and a full profile compiled before the McCann's and those seeking to protect them decided that Brenda Leyland was just the " soft " target they needed to fire a warning shot across the bows of those who know a little girl died because of either the parents gross neglect and child abuse or plain old fashioned manslaughter or murder.

The reprehensible and sickening tweets sent to her by Jayelles, Safari Sara, Justine and many others were as nothing to what awaited her.
There is no question that the McCann internet Doberman's are well acquainted with the police, the media, Clarence Mitchell and the McCann's, they are most certainly not a separate entity !
So Martin Brunt was dispatched by his employer Rupert Murdoch ( he of the commissioned Swann & Summers thinly veiled pre-cursor attack), to reduce Brenda Leyland to a nervous wreck, afraid to leave the house and then afraid to stay at home and ultimately afraid to live.

Martin has sold his soul to the devil on more than a few occasions, but none quite as awful as this. The McCann's, Mitchell and their media mafia are without challenge and they reveled in it, dancing on the grave was the order of the day, whilst those who had the greatest hand in it, put on their tin hats, hunkered down and waited for the storm to blow over.
It never will, they thought they had killed a monster but actually created a martyr, a rallying call for all others seeking some justice for Maddie." Remember Brenda " may become as symbolic as " Justice for Maddie " has become.

So poorly done was it that Team McCann are desperate to get some favourable headlines knowing full well that the inquest into Brenda Leyland's death is right around the corner. Even for Team McCann that is a new low and poorly done indeed.
Let no one forget that the McCann's, Clarence Mitchell, Martin Brunt and the army of trolls they employ are all equally responsible for Brenda Leyland's demise, just as much as the they, along with the Met police and the government, protect those who commit child abuse in one form or another.

Jayelles  i know for a fact was instrumental in helping hound this poor woman to death it is entirely proper that she should not be allowed to hide behind anonymity.Previously the real name of Jayelles was mentioned here it has been taken down until further clarification is certain.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015



Many people lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster, that was an absolute tragedy. Many families suffered years of unimaginable grief as cover ups and the blame game was played by everyone with a vested interest in keeping the facts from coming to light.
There is no question that the authorities and the government covered up vital facts that should have come to light many many years ago. The ongoing battle for justice has had many setbacks and rightly the people of Liverpool feel aggrieved, not least at the Sun newspaper who published some appalling lies about supporters robbing the dead.

Could swifter action have saved lives ? Most assuredly the time spent getting to the injured and dying was unacceptable as was the covering up of the gross negligence of everyone that day. There is not a single blameless body from that day.
Should those who sought to cover up the terrible flaws that allowed so many people to die go to jail for not giving the facts as happened that day ? Absolutely.

However long it may take, no matter how far one needs to dig, then the families of those who died deserve a full explanation, why and how they died and those who did not allow the swiftest and greatest of care should be jailed so that the families that have suffered so much can have justice and some measure of closure.
But therein lies a paradox, for there are many and i count myself among them, who feel ALL bodies that day carry a responsibility for what happened that day. That includes some supporters too.
Now before you all start screaming and swearing, this was a tragedy that was highly avoidable, unlike the locked gates and a careless cigarette at Bradford that caused so much tragedy and just as much heartache.
I will never forget the terrible image of that poor man walking from the stand ablaze or the courage of those running to his aid to desperately put out the fire. I will never forget the harrowing description of the late Peter Jones on the radio describing the events as they unfolded at Hillsborough. Nor the bravery and efforts of those supporters desperately trying to help the injured and the dying.

There lies the paradox, for some supporters who had behaved so badly crushing and squashing those in a desperate effort to get in the ground that the commander made the fatal mistake of opening the gates and allowing the awful crush outside where space for orderly supporters was far greater than the space available for the lemming like rush into the Leppings Lane End.

It is hard to take emotion out of it, but to get to something like the truth you must, for if the kick off is delayed further then proper segregation could have taken place. Proper and more peaceable behaviour may have been the order of the day outside.
For that was the catalyst that caused the tragedy, you can put any number of vitriol and nonsense forward, but the plain facts are that if the behaviour of the supporters outside is more orderly then no one panics and no one makes awful decisions.
For the start of the tragedy some Liverpool supporters must take the blame. For what followed afterward many many people who gave false and misleading statements should go to jail, for many many more could and should have been saved and it is entirely at their door the blame should lie once the tragedy happened !

Monday, 16 March 2015



The main question should not be wether or not to vote for a man determined to cover up a cover up, that for any sane human being should be a given. I would go so far as to say that voting for Cameron at the next election would be tantamount to a silent acceptance of child abuse within his own party.

Corruption at government levels is rife, we all know that. Whomever is elected you will not stop it, we all know that too. It is an impossible task because as humans we all suffer weaknesses and some have become so depressed by it, that they do not bother to vote at all.
As the saying goes the only thing that allows evil to flourish is when good people do nothing, not casting a vote at a general election is doing just that. Can you imagine though if you dared to vote for an independent or for a party who absolutely refused to block any investigation into child sex abuse ?

The only way to actually get to the truth is to vote for someone who is willing to do something about it ! Can you imagine if the average turnout of say 65% became 100%. Think about it for a second, all those votes would become vital. I am not saying that will come to pass but unless we start to take steps now, we are giving a green light for those in the House of Commons to continue their disgusting exploitation of our nation's children.
What i am saying is make it an issue with every parliamentary candidate who turns up at your door. Then it becomes an issue, suddenly a party may run on child protection being a policy not an afterthought.
What Cameron did in calling those seeking to bring justice against monsters protected by the police and judges creeping around Whitehall, conspiracy theorists was nothing more than a disgraceful and disgusting throw away sound byte.

Now despite D notices ( reporting restrictions ) on some goings on, the SS Pedophile is beginning to take on water, never mind serving up ex-celebrities for a small stint in jail, never mind sending officers of the law who are supposed to protect it's citizens to remove evidence or threaten those who have seen and dare to speak out.

The red herring of a government inquiry into lost dossiers is an absolute sham.

Do you think for one moment that if it was a list of monetary party contributors or a dossier on a terrorist cell that it would have been misplaced. The so called inquiry has been blocked and stymied at every turn just to make doubly sure it never comes out. I can tell you for a fact that many suffering abuse and those who have seen abuse take place and reported it, have in most cases been told in no uncertain terms that it is " difficult " to proceed.

I can also state with absolute certainty that Jimmy Saville and Leon Brittain were never going to face charges whilst alive and neither will Cliff " Kitty " Richard or Ken Clarke.
The list is endless and it stretches into almost every power group,The politicians, the police and the judges who protect them and the Councillors and high profile children's charity workers who have either aided and abetted the procurement of children or turned a blind eye to it.
Don Hale is to be saluted but he knew the review was a complete waste of time. Even the dossier compiled by Geoffrey Dickens could not be traced and Leon Brittain conveniently died sparing many blushes.

To vote for anyone not making child abuse wether historic or current ( do not be fooled that it is not ) is failing all our children in the future.
I want you to think of just one thing here, god forbid it should ever happen. If you were wiped out as parents in a car crash tomorrow how safe do you really think your children would be with pedophiles at every level of running our society ?
When you have a band of MP's wanting to LOWER the age of sexual consent do you really think that is to stop teenage pregnancy !! Please.

I will be asking many searching questions when prospective candidates knock at my door, as for Cameron's party i will not even bother.


Saturday, 14 March 2015



It is our own vanity that causes these entirely preventable accidents, i am as guilty as everyone else of doing exactly what i am about to describe.

Last week i was pulled over by the police and shown the last mile of their interesting recording and, although let off with just a warning, i was stunned at what i saw !
I was on my hands free mobile and had slowed to forty five miles an hour in a sixty speed zone, i had twice wandered across the road, not far and not in the other lane, but erratically. The fluctuation in my speed compared to my normal driving whilst not engaged on the hands free was also strange.

Very kindly, after a ten minute chat and a stern warning, i was on my way, not a little embarrassed and chastened by my pricked ego.
You see, i like everybody else had assumed i was driving perfectly well, i am assured by police that it is a popular misconception, most of us, will defend quite vigorously our own driving skill whilst blasting the horn and gesturing angrily at any of the many miscreants who dare to drive terribly in our presence.
In the last week having been well and truly slapped awake as to my own driving behaviour, i have easily observed others using either mobiles whilst driving, they are not difficult to spot at all, i was surprised to find their actions mirrored almost exactly my own. No doubt followed by the same hot protestations should their poor concentration be highlighted by anyone.
Give it a try people, just a few hours on the road and you will find any number of the " Does not affect my driving " members club. After further research i was staggered in one sense but not staggered in another, it dawned on me that the popular misconception we have is also a deadly one.

Over 40% of road traffic accidents show that one or more persons were in conversation on a mobile phone, either pressed to their ear or on the hands free. The first thing the police do now, is to ask you to hand over your mobile phone at the scene of an accident, be in no doubt, if they find you were on the phone a myriad of charges depending on the severity of the accident, will be coming your way !

I would just like to thank the police officers concerned for giving my vanity balloon a prick which is what they probably thought i was and what i certainly think of anyone using one whilst driving in front or alongside me.
You may think you are a cross between Lewis Hamilton, Lord Alan Sugar and Captain Kirk with that Bluetooth thing in your ear, you most assuredly, are not.



I was made fully aware that should i open a Facebook account, not something i have previously  been part of, then certain subjects would upset people, especially those seeking from preventing the truth coming out.
As a social experiment i was prepared to open one up and befriend a few well know and knowledgeable people regarding the McCann affair. Within a week, the Facebook account has been suspended and i am required to give all my personal details to Facebook before i am allowed to access it. The fact that they have my phone numbers and could easily ring me matters not a jot.

One can only surmise that having access to privileged information and making it open to public scrutiny has caused a few feathers to be ruffled. Firstly, i do not feel it necessary to give my birth certificate, passport, bank details or household bills with my address on it, to a faceless Facebook entity who despite promises to the contrary, could release that information to anyone.

A fan of big brother i am not, so i will not be furnishing them with the requested information. Firstly it is a massive invasion of my privacy and i am assured that this is the exception and not the rule.
I am also pretty certain, given one or two phone calls to friends, that only those working on behalf of the McCann's are known for using this tactic on an alarmingly frequent basis.

Firstly the fact that the internet watchdogs employed by the McCann's have this relationship with  Facebook is quite shocking, it is the last time i will scoff at such a suggestion.
However, what is also blindingly obvious is that the watchdogs would not have acted without some instruction from a higher source. Having dug deeper i am now aware of a fully functioning group specifically designed to scour the internet, with the remit to shut down anyone getting a little too close for comfort.
I was preparing to blog about the use of mobile phones whilst driving but this has had to go on the back burner for now. So irritated am i that my journalistic insights are under attack from this quarter that i find myself drawn to out not only the McCann's and their devious methods but also those who skulk behind the facade of credibility.
Hopefully the nice people on Facebook who read this blog may highlight my posts on this matter and if they have any information on these odious people may be infuriated enough to e mail me with any FACTS that they have, i , of course will be doing some digging of my own.

My e-mail is which they temporarily got suspended, however one text message sorted that out, Which meant a new SIM card for my mobile. The power of the McCann lobbyists needs watching and highlighting.

In the mean time i will continue to blog on other subjects but i will certainly be looking very thoroughly into the McCanns and their followers through my own sources. Shame on them and shame on Facebook for pandering to those seeking to obstruct truth and justice. Poorly done Facebook, very poorly done.

Thursday, 12 March 2015



I must admit to becoming more and more furious with the McCann's and their spokesman Clarence Mitchell and the Murdoch press in general.

Why ? Why am i feeling more and more angry at a couple that are frequently lauded in the media as a grieving couple who, through no fault of their own have cruelly lost a daughter supposedly snatched from the bosom of a loving family?.
Well..... Firstly i have a huge problem after researching the vast amounts of factual documentation regarding the case, that the death of little Maddie ( all facts point to that conclusion ), lies squarely at the door of the parents. One has to be careful as there is a massive amount of theories as to what happened to this little girl and you could spend all day everyday reading this to the detriment of the actual facts.
One argument i can clear up is the nonsense regarding the mother Kate McCann examining dead bodies before going on holiday and giving this as a reason for her clothing smelling of the odour of dead bodies also known as cadaver scent.
After this claim was made by Kate McCann, endorsed and given to the media team it was then given as an unattributed source to a trusted journalist who then floated it to other media outlets, this in our world, is how stories get out without anyone becoming firmly linked as the source.
I am reliably informed by those who know without question that Kate McCann was desperate to come up with a very quick response to the dogs findings.So spooked were they by the findings of the dogs when made public, that they fled Portugal and refused to return until the lead detective on the case, one Goncalo Amaral, was removed from the case.It was knowing what later transpired with a fellow journalist that convinced me of the parents guilt.Having felt something a little fishy with that particular claim ( who didn't? ), he decided to investigate further, finding no evidence of Kate McCann's claims, in fact the more he delved the more it became clear that it was a total fabrication, he wrote it up and not only was it squashed but he was firmly informed that the stance of the Murdoch Group would be firmly in favour of the parents.

Anyway, back to the main point, which is that every time someone goes missing, every time a missing child is found,the parents media team latch onto it with the zeal of a leech homing in on an eighteenth century explorer.
Why is that ? I can explain that quite easily and it is two fold. When a media stance is taken it is incumbent upon the backed party to give huge show of contrition and from that point we can then give them what is effectively a morality car wash.
So having done a tiny bit of contrition at the start, the next step is to paint the party or parties as pristine white or golden who made a mistake under the most unfortunate of mitigating circumstances, the truth has nothing to do with it.
Secondly the Maddie bandwagon may be the gift that keeps on giving in some eyes but it is not the case, rest assured professional help does not come cheap and the many people on the media team, solicitors and internet watchdogs need paying, so raising money to pay these many " free givers of their time " is vital. The donations, from whatever source, need to keep rolling in.

What is particularly galling for me and i hope, thousands of others, is the latest nonsense regarding Zephony Nurse, a baby snatched from the bedside of her mother when just a few days old and dubbed the South African " Maddie ".
Given that Zephony went missing first surely it would be the other way round wouldn't it ? Further investigation on this matter did not take long.
Having heard this story coming through on the wires,it was mentioned in the daily briefings as a human interest story, a wide awake opportunity presented itself and a " stringer " asked the question, i am assured that an amount was proffered and thus " blessings " were bestowed on the parents and for the sake of two hundred Rand, a story is born.
But when you look at the actual facts, the mother was right beside Zephony not some hundred and fifty yards away getting tipsy with her friend. Zephony's mother could see her and hear her, the McCann's could not.
Any resemblance to the McCann case is entirely spurious but we must not let that get in the way of a good story or the possibility of more donations, the mortgage may be paid on money donated but the staff still need paying.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015



One of the great things about being freelance is not having to pander to a newspapers " official " stance on any given matter. Rest assured if you refuse to do so it can cost you your job and injunctions can follow to stop you telling what you know. Added to this is the threat of making every door of every newspaper tightly closed in terms of future employment.

What it does do however is empower you to be able to tell the truth albeit unpaid, it also allows your colleagues in the media to furnish you with stories that they simply cannot tell for one reason or another, that is where the likes of journalists made " unemployable " can get the real truth out into the world.

In this case, that is exactly what has happened.

There is no question that Van Gaal is not a man most journalists warm to, sometimes he can seem aloof, arrogant and generally gives of an air of someone explaining himself to an idiot who's comprehension of tactics is nowhere near his tactical ingenuity.
The pack of wolves are already howling and are perfectly positioned to blow his house of cards down. He has not made too many friends and when things go wrong there are not too many sympathetic ears. Certainly his default tactic when things go wrong of long ball to Fellani has been seized upon in no time, by enemies and fair weather allies alike.

What, however, is far worse than the obvious stalking horse for Ryan Giggs in Paul Scholes who is ready to slaughter anyone who is not Giggs when United lose, but the player himself.
Having already seen off Moyes with barely concealed contempt, he is now undermining Van Gaal with the players in a show of duplicity normally reserved for his own brother. It is an open secret among journalists that another night of the long knives awaits and that Giggs has the sharpener.

Anyone spending over £150m in transfer funds and having a limited ambition of finishing fourth and struggling to do so, is quite rightly going to come under intense scrutiny, but you do not need your so called trusted backroom staff complete with beard playing Judas Iscariot.
At least three extremely respected journalists have been told they cannot " break " this story. The line is to "serve up " Van Gaal first, which is now in full swing, to my mind it is not without merit.

What is entirely without merit is, after already seeing off one manager to practice the age old adage of it being necessary to get squarely behind someone before stabbing them in the back.

Monday, 9 March 2015



As an Australian journalist living in England, we normally say getting stuck into the poms is " fair game ". Most of the time it's good old fashioned banter. We delight, on the odd occasion when you win, in handing you your medals and saying " Here's your medal, don't wear it in the bath, not that there's much chance of that !".

We normally enjoy giving you " a proper serve " as we call it. This time fellas it is entirely justified. As i write i can hear the song in my head " DR. PEPPERRRRR ! " , which, for those not in the know, are a series of embarrassing moments in life accompanied by the catch phrase " What's the worst that can happen ! ".
Well pretty much a national disaster, that many many people having a good knowledge of the game, no not anyone employed currently at the ECB, saw coming a mile off.

Lets look at that shall we ?

Firstly, your most talented player having fallen out of favour with the current coach, hands up those who thought that would happen, sitting on the sidelines laughing his chuff off, with the aid of the reptilian Morgan, Piers not the Irishman.
Difficult ? Probably. Self serving ? certainly, Manageable ? not according to those in positions able to do something about it. We have one of those by the name of Warner, who could have a scrap over a game of solitaire and another called Watson, who can be a bit of a winker at times. We managed it, emphasis on the word manage there.

So far no points then for man management.You have a chairman who has a modest test record at best have been appointed in some haste from his role as a banker, yes..i did say banker !Downton may well find himself with a extra consonant added to his name as a parting gift for his role in this debacle.
Then their was the ex -coach Flower having put large footprints all over the departure of KP along with others, such as Richard Halsall the one time England fielding coach who now works with the Bangladesh team.
Ahhhh lie back in the bath tonight with a cigar son ! Life gives us these little moments to cherish

You then appoint a crap county coach, leave Carberry, Stokes Rankin Gurney and Mills at home, put Hales on the bench and hope things turn out well.
Hmmm what was that saying about proper planning preventing piss poor performance ? You appoint a captain who cannot buy a run and wouldn't be allowed near the titanic so bad is his captaincy in all forms of the game, then sack him in favour of an Irishman who cannot buy a run and has all the menace and force of a squeaky toy.

Rankin and Morgan should have dusted off their passports before the trip to Sri Lanka, which is a bit like going to the Sudan to prepare for a race across the North Pole and all the time you think everything is rosy in the garden.You pick, pardon the pun, James " Apple tree " Aanderson, so called because he only flourishes in certain parts of England and  Stuart " Twitter " Broad , nothing like telling the enemy you are shell shocked eh Stuey ?

There is only one man who deserves an enormous amount of credit in the entire England camp, with no test match experience whatsoever, he has traumatised Steven Finn and has turned your bowling attack to putty in a matter of months !
He deserves the freedom of our fair country and i say this to him with love in my heart.



Once again we have an utterly transparent attempt to track people's movements under the guise of securing our homes and those dwelling there ! Really ? Honestly ? Hmm Ok lets have a closer look.

The government scheme, were it to be introduced could monitor even more movements from those of a more dubious nature. We are told that it could make our persons and our children safer from an intrusion wether it be a burglar or someone preying violently on our person or our children.

This from a government who have systematically failed in making our persons or our children safe by installing copious amounts of CCTV in public areas. This from a government who have spectacularly failed to safeguard children from it's own house of representatives for the very people they are meant to serve. 
The very people who have failed to bring child abuse charges against it's own members and associates for the disgusting incidents at Elm House !

Are we really that stupid as to swallow that nonsense ? Would the government like to clarify it's position on this ? Will it be used to monitor and remove incriminating evidence against them as it was by the police under the direction of the government, when they visited Elm House workers to silence them from reporting the goings on there ?


Added to which, CCTV does not really stop those hell bent on criminal activity, all it does is give a visual record of what occurs, that, of course, is if the wrongdoer forgets his balaclava or motorcycle helmet.
While we are labouring the point, what is the point ? For on some rather special occasions the CCTV footage, we are informed, is either unavailable or simply it transpires that the camera's are turned off or pointing the wrong way !
Please see the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and the death of Princess Diana.If the authorities are to be believed on those two matters, which they are most assuredly not, then two greater howlers one could not imagine.

Rather i think it might be used to subvert anyone not singing from the same hymn sheet. I can see those seeking answers to questions the governments do not want asked getting a rather subtle working over, or if it looks as though they may be getting near the truth, they always paint them as odd before having an internal investigation pointing out that you locked yourself in a holdall in a bathtub !

I for one am not buying their making a safer world Newspeak for one moment. Might i suggest that you do not either.