Saturday, 4 July 2015



I was not at all surprised to see that Cliff Richard decided not to attend Wimbledon this year, as the thought of seeing him leading the crowd in a chorus of "The Young Ones " would seem wholly inappropriate, considering the questions still left unanswered .

For those not aware he still needs to explain his attendance at Elm Guest House, well know as having the most powerful  people in society as members of a pedophile ring.

Those members attending Elm Guest House include Cliff " Kitty " Richard, Cyril Smith a known pedophile,, Anthony Blunt the notorious spy with a liking for young boys, Harvey Proctor the disgraced MP who has a string of sex convictions against him, Jess Conrad, Peter Bottomley and George Ttemlett. Other names on the list, that MI5, MI6 and the Metropolitan Police have seize and destroy have strong links to the royal household.

Elm Guest House was regularly used by homosexuals as a meeting place to abuse young boys supplied by, among other children's homes, the notorious Grafton Lodge which has since been closed following the arrests of those known to be supplying this disgusting group. Once again only the non -entities have been arrested. The smokescreen of investigating only 70's disc jockeys and has been celebrities neatly covers up the pedophile homosexuals in the corridors of power who have been practicing their vile depraved acts for decades.

Is it at all feasible that Leon Brittain a notorious homosexual and pedophile lost several dossiers containing evidence of sexual abuse when home secretary ?

What was a cross dressing Harriet Webb doing covered in blood screaming at a London hospital doing there ?

Why was MI5 instrumental in telling Sutton police to drop all charges of Cliff Richard interfering with children in 1983 ?

Why has he given up his UK citizenship ?

Why was he pulled in for questioning on Jill Dando's murder  ?

Was it because she was investigating a child sex ring that the authorities have tried so hard to hide ?

What is the nature of his friendships with Lord Boothby, Melvyn Bragg and Ken Clarke MP ?

Why has David Cameron among other high profile politicians consistently blocked and obstructed the investigation into the pedophile ring operating from within the House of Commons and the House of Lords ?

The " Monday Club " as it was known back then, still exists today and includes MP's, Charity leaders and high ranking policemen, when the people of this country turn a blind eye to this it gives a green light to these monsters to carry on regardless.

Monday, 22 June 2015



Once again the media would have you believe that the Greek people are lazy good for nothing tax dodgers who spend most of their time borrowing money and refusing to pay it back. Furthermore you are now being utterly and totally misled into believing that Britain among others, are footing the bill for that.

Let us be absolutely clear, bankers caused the austerity through reckless investment and the world bank are asking governments to squeeze the people of those countries, mainly the poorest, for billions wasted.
But what you are not being told is there is no such thing as world debt but there is such a thing as economic slavery. In most countries people bumble along blindly unaware that they are little more than slaves to banks. Once you understand the money system it is very easy to understand how we are being duped. Because of technical jargon and long winded documents intended to baffle or confuse most people do not even try to understand it.

So lets simplify it for you.

Money is made up. It is little bits of paper with pictures on it, designed to stop us killing each other in order to get something to eat. This paper money is given a numerical value that we all live our lives by.The government goes to the holders of this money called the treasury and asks them for money in return for a promissory note called a government bond. This bonds the government to the treasury by way of a promise to pay the numerical amount of money back to the lender, the treasury.

So far so good. So as an example the government ask for say £100 to given on bits of paper called bank notes, the treasury then prints these bits of paper with pictures on it.
The government takes these notes and gives them to a central holding facility called the Bank of England who then distribute the money to all the other banks.

Got that.... good !

However when the treasury lend this money to the government they charge them interest, say for arguments sake 15%.
So if you borrow £100 at 15% interest you pay back £115 right ? ... Correct.

But if you only borrowed £100 and you now owe £115 how can you pay it back ?

Long answer short, you cannot. You can only ask to borrow more money which creates more debt.

What then happens is they steal your wages, pensions and savings to pay back a debt that can never be repaid.

Austerity is created by banks and aided by the government of every country it steals your money.

The only people getting rich are the bankers.

The poor get poorer and work for less and less money.

Greek people are the heroes here as at least they are fighting for the chance to not be sold into even deeper slavery.

The tragedy is that most people believe the propaganda the world media, owned by powerful and rich  bankers, when you dig deep enough, serve up.


Tuesday, 2 June 2015



There is no question whatsoever that, not only are the parents of Maddie McCann responsible for their daughters disappearance but that the general public and even members of the police force are entirely sick of Kate and Gerry McCann's disgraceful and disgusting use of little Maddie's name to make themselves rich.

Goncalo Amaral on the other hand gains more support for the ordeal he has been put through by the odious couple. Not only has he suffered a breakdown of his marriage and loss of home and earnings, but his health has also understandably suffered.
Why did it come to this ? Pretty straightforward really. The McCann's, with the help of a government spokesman one might add, led an orchestrated attack on Amaral, the Portuguese police and the country itself. Branded by the media, briefed daily by Clarence Mitchell the then government spokesman, as buffoons, dozy incompetent dagoes and a nation overrun by child molesters. Amaral had the temerity to put the actual facts of the little girl's disappearance into the spotlight.

For this he was hounded relentlessly by the McCann, their media machine and the British government who were instrumental in removing him from the case, wouldn't you want the truth to come out ?.
Now that the parents have become millionaires by telling the world some of the worst fairy stories ever told and through the gullible public have become almost saintly, is it a fools errand for Amaral to continue publishing ? No.
When a little girl has died because of the horrific behaviour of her parents, then the man who truly knows the truth has a right to be heard. With entirely fraudulent fundraising the McCann's have hired the best libel solicitors in the land to silence him. With the aid of a powerful media on the parents side even the people supporting Amaral's theory have been attacked. The really awful "trolls " are not as the Daily Star would have you believe but actually work for the McCann's inside and outside the media.
To date, those working on behalf of the McCann's have already caused the death of someone doubting the McCann's side of the story.

Here is the really interesting thing !  Not one serving officer doubts the dogs findings, dogs have made stunning and consistent finds in crimes involving missing people and now we have police officers outraged and donating to Amaral among many others. The seismic shift of hundreds of thousands of people finally able to read the truth of poor Maddie's death ensures that their will be no whitewash for the McCann's and more books shattering their lies will appear over the years.

The beauty of the case is that people are willing to help Amaral, as much as they want justice for Maddie. The only trolls to be found are in the fawning and cowardly British media. The people wanting to help Amaral realise that Kate and Gerry McCann are making Amaral suffer almost as much as they made Maddie suffer.

God bless all of those who contributed to Goncalo Amaral's fight to expose to horrific excuses for human beings.



Once again many pundits were heralding a new dawn after England had beaten New Zealand last week. False dawns are always put forward by those under pressure to deliver results and failing, who hasn't fallen for that one. It is however incumbent upon us to put jingoism aside and actually look at the facts. One for instance is the Jimmy Anderson praise.

His longevity cannot be faulted nor can his ability to swing the ball or rattle through inferior opponents at home, what is far more useful would be to look at his bowling average against decent sides away from home, once you do that you find he is not in Botham or Willis's class. The standard of scoring runs quickly has risen since they played but the actual standard of batsmen around the world is certainly not as high. One only has to look at the quality of bowling around in the 70's and 80's to realise that.

Still not convinced / Ok then lets just look at the anomalies in the manipulation of batting records by Cook and Gooch, yes you did hear that right !
Gooch was England's second highest run scorer at the time of Gower's nadir under his captaincy and he effectively finished Gower's career. Had Gower played another twenty test matches would Gooch have caught him ?.  Highly unlikely.

Now look at KP and it is almost a carbon copy, under Cook's captaincy KP's test career has followed almost exactly the same path as Gower, do you really believe in that much coincidence ?.
They say Gooch is the mentor to Cook, well you can blinker over that one if you like.

You may want to blinker over the UMPIRES CALL manipulation in test cricket,which enables the ICC to manipulate matches one way or the other. When one team runs out of challenges it is amazing how many borderline reviews go in favour of that team, forcing the other team to still use one of theirs. Have a look at recent LBW decisions that are just clipping leg stump or just going over the top, shocking stuff i am afraid.
Time to go back to the old 51% of the ball hitting the stumps, whatever happened to the batsman getting the benefit of the doubt.

Monday, 11 May 2015



Of course we want your best player to play,we will still win comfortably but without him you will need to call the police onto the ground and charge the Australians with murder.
If you are an England cricket supporter and you don't want KP in your team then the usual status quo will take over. In the majority the test matches you won to get to number one, KP was a huge part of that success. Even partially fit, he was head and shoulders above anyone else in the England team and was the wicket we most wanted.

But lets clear up some things first shall we ? KP can be an idiot, but then who can't. Textgate i hear you cry, lets clear that up first. KP did not give away secrets he just called Strauss a " doos " and people say he should never be given an England role yet Strauss can call him a "c**t and still get the supremo job. You cannot have one rule for one and one for another.

Secondly Strauss and KP do not get on, that's fine, neither do Watson and Clarke but they get on with the business of chasing South Africa for the number one spot. Thirdly i do not remember Broad coping the flak for the parody account on Twitter. Every journalist worth his salt knows just how involved he and Swann were in that.

So lets get this correct, you have a rubbish captain, a rubbish team and if you do not pick him then you have selectors more interested in their egos than England's fortunes. Maverick players need sympathetic managing, so manage him.

The moment i will savour is when another of your batsmen walk back at 60-5 and our countrymen are singing " Are you watching Andrew Strauss " and no doubt the some England supporters may be singing it with vehemence as you stumble to one disaster after another without even one special knock to cheer you up.

Friday, 8 May 2015



It now seems that almost every time you try and get to the truth about the death of one poor little girl that the actual people responsible for her death take you to court and illicit a sum of money from you, that that can happen is as staggering as their crime itself.

The detective in charge of the case Goncalo Amaral was ordered to pay costs to the McCann's and damages, as if they had not damaged him enough, for doing no more than putting his side of the case into the public after after the British press and the McCann's has trashed his reputation and written an entirely spurious account in a fictional book

Quite how that works is beyond me, but i for one never expected any different outcome because many many people in high places would be looking nervously over their shoulders, that some high powered people are involved in the stench of this sickening cover up is beyond question

However despite the attempts of the government to get the architect of the McCann's flight from justice elected the ordinary decent people of  Brighton decided not to put any more children at risk by having another horrific excuse for a human being anywhere near the corridors of power

Despite all the big guns turning out Clarence Mitchell only finished third in the Brighton Pavillion ward in yesterday's general election,.You see the ordinary people of Britain do not believe the rubbish that has been spoken on the death of poor little Maddie.
Mitchell got his come uppence from the good people of Brighton now we need the good people of England to stand up and put the two people responsible for a dead little girl behind bars.



Like a pair of stressed ostriches, Alistair Cook and Peter Moores bury their heads in the sand at every turn as the England team lurch from one disaster to another. The attitude on display by this pair of dreamers makes the charge of the light brigade look like a sensible decision by comparison.

Lets face a few facts shall we ?

Since Moores took over from Flower, we have had the old pals act of vengeance, with Flower settling KP's future by not selecting him, thus neatly side stepping the fact that Moores was never going to want KP anywhere near the test side.
Had it been for the South African text mess then it would have been fully understood, but not when after an utter thrashing you get rid off your highest run scorer in the series. Yes KP can be a prat at times,so what ?.
He is not the first talented player to be an idiot ( see Warner and Watson ), manage them, that's part of the job !

Then the Ashes was rearranged to give England full preparation for the world cup, so they go to Sri Lanka on slow pitches to prepare for fast bouncy tracks, loving that one.

They drop Hales, a guy who can win a match on his own and bring in Ballance, a left handed Trott in scoring terms but not as afraid of the short ball. You leave Carberry, KP and others at home and singularly fail to qualify out of the group stages. Utter disaster that heads in Australia would definitely roll for.

Then you fail to beat a mediocre ( yes Graves is right ), West Indies team shorn of it's best players by the IPL. Preferring to purr around Anderson breaking Botham's record ( stats can lie ), whilst watching the public humiliation of Trott who is shot against the short ball and should never have been out there, i wonder Moores didn't analyse the data before taking him.
Then they try and put a positive spin on what was a truly mundane performance. Mediocrity is the word to describe every England venture since you so spinelessly handed the Ashes over to us. What the hell do you think the summer will bring ? It's not a bloody garden party !

Former players are rushing to defend England, is anyone else irritated as hell by Swann's cheeky chappy routine with the insipid Ed Smith on Test Match Special ?. If i hear one more time how Swann is such good mates with Jimmy Anderson i may throw up.
What a good mate, so much so Swann abandoned his good mate to face the bullets and pissed off home halfway through the tour with his injury. Nothing at all to do with the fact that Amla having shown how to deal with Swann was not lost on the Aussie batsmen who then collared him to all parts like a club bowler.Could have stayed and carried the drinks but then one suspects that's what he was being penciled in for in the next test anyway..ego anyone ?.

Then there is Harmison, who decides Boycott's no nonsense, utterly accurate summing up was disgraceful, i think he must have written that piece in his bedroom on his laptop as had he had to be more than five miles away he might have gotten homesick.
Then we have the supremo fiasco, oh my life !! Did you really expect Vaughan who was driven into retirement by injury and Moore's obsessiveness would want any part of a set up he was involved in ?
Bring back Downton because only a bit of a banker would have anything to do with the current regime.Strauss is ideal in that regard, think he wants KP back ? Tee Hee.

Here is what is going to happen..England's top three will score so slowly that by the time the second new ball comes round you will be 200-4 and then collapse to 250 all out, instead of being 270-3 then losing wickets to the new ball is covered and making 400.
Thanks to Anderson,  who only gets wickets in England or easy away tours,you will probably beat NZ unless Brendon smashes him out of the attack. Williamson and Boult however are the keys to any New Zealand success.

As for the Ashes, well what can i say. You've had it. Warner will club early runs, Smith and co will see us get around 400 every time then Johnson,Starc,Harris and Lyon will do the rest. By the way Broad don't bother taking guard, if you are standing at square leg to bat then you don't need one.

It gives me no pleasure to say this because when we beat the Poms i do, like every Australian like to gloat, but i won't this time, it's a bit silly of me to write about the non contest this summer and all England's failings afterward. It hurts me to say this but i actually do feel genuinely sorry for England cricket fans as we will win at least three tests without breaking sweat.We actually only feel good when we beat a good fully functioning England team in a close contest.

Waste of our fucking time coming over to be honest !